Virtual Automatic Telephone Station Organization

Activation of this service allows choosing and acquiring numbers in any country.

Virtual automatic telephone station offers a lot of services:

  • Creating groups of subscribers making departments identification easier,
  • Abbreviated (internal) numbers,
  • Redirection of all incoming calls in accordance with various rules including week days and time,
  • as well as absence of an employee at his or her workplace,
  • Creation of virtual offices with connection of departments located in other cities and countries,
  • Receipt and redirection of facsimile messages to e-mail,
  • Voice and video communication secured from wiretapping,
  • Advanced voicemail,
  • Corporate address directory,
  • Automatic telephone machines setting,
  • Recording conversations,
  • Conference communication (including that according to the timetable – the ATS will automatically call all participants),
  • Etc.

It should be noted that when virtual ATS is used it is possible to install telephone machines in any part of the world including home and workplaces – at the same time retaining all advantages of the offered solution (especially such advantages as internal numbers and secure communications).

For example, you may assign Russian numbers to telephones in the USA and vice versa.

Management and monitoring of the ATS functionality is implemented through a comfortable web interface which makes operation significantly easier.

Connection process is very easy – you just have to connect to IP network of our company and switch on telephone machines, and the rest processes will take place automatically

Additional Advantages of ATS:

  • Relatively low cost of the equipment necessary for ATS operation (often only telephone machines);
  • Free modernization and service maintenance of ATS (all clients of our “cloud” automatically get updates);
  • Instant access to all statistics;
  • No necessity to acquire additional equipment and pay for its service and maintenance;
  • Possibility of using both telephone machines (desk-top, DECT, wifi) and software clients.