Consulting concerning Building High-Load Fail-Safe Systems

We provide assistance in construction of high load systems (highload). Our big experience allows making your right choice. We cooperate with all large manufacturers of fail-safe high load systems, so we will for sure choose the most optimum option for you. Our task is to create for you an optimum long-lasting system for high quality handling your company’s tasks. Besides, we provide assistance in selection of certain technology suppliers based on our big experience in the use of technologies of practically all leading manufacturers.

Construction of high load fail-safe systems is a part of IT in which our company gained big work experience which we can share with our clients. We are ready to consult in construction of such structures. Regardless of the nature of construction such as electronic trading platforms or systems supporting bank applications it is easy for us to design and implement a reliable system working under continuous load with its indices close to critical ones.

High load of a system means either simultaneous connection of a number of users or the system’s performing a lot of finite operations by itself.

Our professionals offer an optimum solution for you, as:

  • We offer unique approach to high load systems and services architecture design based on our experience providing for maximum efficiency of the system.
  • Our experts having knowledge of all weak points of modern IT equipment may predict weak points of infrastructure creating programs protecting from abnormal situations.
  • We work directly with equipment suppliers giving your company a system made of first class hardware and software solutions which recommended themselves at the market and have been actively used for years.
  • In the process of architecture startup we perform an extended series of tests in a mandatory manner loading the system with longtime computations in order to check its ability to overcome critical loads.
  • Our company is also ready to support your project, conduct constant monitoring and statistical data analysis, offer development and further infrastructure optimization options.