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Active Directory - LDAP

Is LDAP-compatible implementation of Microsoft directory service for operating systems of Windows NT family.

CRM - The system of customer relationship management

CRM is a system of client relations management which is application software for organizations intended for client (customer) interaction strategies automatization, in particular, for sales level increase, marketing optimization and client service improvement by saving client data and history of relations with the client, establishing and improvement of business procedures and further results analysis.


Is a sort of user interface in which interface elements (menu, buttons, signs, lists) shown to user on the screen are made in the form of graphic images.


IT infrastructure

Is a complex of mutually connected information systems and services providing for the functioning and development of information interaction media of the enterprise.


Is a system of pre-recorded voice messages which performs the function of routing calls using the information entered by the client with the help of tone dialing by telephone keyboard..


Is a protocol using TCP/IP providing for carrying out authentication, search and comparison operations, as well as adding, substitution or deletion of records.



Is a communications client program allowing users to communicate with each other on-line using various types of communications: instant messaging, video and voice communication, shared access to desktop, conferences, files transfer.

Services cloud storage

Online storage model , in which data is stored on multiple distributed servers in the network , provided for use to customers , mainly third party. In contrast to the model of data storage on their own dedicated servers , leased or purchased specifically for this purpose , or any number of servers, the internal structure of the customer , in general, is not visible. The data is stored and processed in a so called cloud that represents from the point of view of the customer , one large virtual server . Physically, these servers can be located remotely from each other geographically .



Is data transmission protocol which describes the way of installation and completion of user Internet session including multimedia exchange (video and audio conference, instant messages, online games).


All or part of programs, procedures, rules and corresponding documents of information processing system.


Cloud storage services are a model of online storage in which data is stored on many services distributed in the network provided for clients’ use by third parties as a rule. As distinct from data storage model on own dedicated servers acquired or rented especially for such purposes, the number or any internal structure of servers is not shown to the client in general. Data is stored and processed in the so-called cloud which is from the point of view of the client one large virtual server. Physically such servers may be located at a geographical distance from each other.

SRTP - Secure Real-time Transport Protocol

Secure Real-time Transport Protocol is a secure data transmission protocol. It determines RTP profile on-line (real-time transfer protocol) and is intended for encrypting, identification of message, its integrity, protection from RTP data replacement in one-way and multicast transmissions of media and applications.

Tolerant Systems

This system , preserving intact after failure of one or more composite components.



is American company which is the largest virtualization software developer. Its headquarters are located in Palo Alto, California.


VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol


Voice over Internet Protocol – is a technology which provides for voice transmission in packet switching networks with the use of IP protocol, particular case of which is the Internet as well as other IP networks (for example, leased digital channels).