What will happen if your server burns out? Will I lose the data? Will the work stop?

The megaserver consists of many servers, which operate using cloud techniques.

If one or more servers burn out, your data will be relocated to another hardware server and started up there. Usually it takes no more than 1 minute. It is possible due to the “cloud” technique.

Due to this technique we also can update our software and hardware virtually unnoticeable for our clients.

I want a 100% reliable solution. I’ve seen many promises.

We can’t promise the 100% reliability, it’s just impossible. Even the best major providers are not absolutely reliable. There is always a risk of emergency.

We guarantee the fastest possible elimination of any unexpected complications and possible deficiencies. We employ extra-class engineering staff, and guarantee reliable data storage, if you are connected to the data backup service.

How reliable is the communication? Is it possible to listen to or intercept the information?

We use standard data protection techniques accepted at the government level in the leading countries, particularly the USA and the United Kingdom, including AES256.

With the proper project implementation and operation, there are no known DC hacking methods.

The most part of our services has multilayer protection, for example, the use of SSL VPN, in which any traffic is protected by AES256.

You can always apply your own additional data protection techniques. A widespread example is the use of OpenVPN in addition to our VPN solution.

What is the price conditioned by?

Our prices are not higher than the competitors’ since we offer you an “all inclusive” functional at once. You don’t need to pay separately for the necessary services.

We use equipment of the highest rank from major suppliers. Only professional equipment and high quality assembly. When creating our projects we cooperate only with large and well-known companies focused on equipment supply and assembly.

Our goal is a long-term cooperation, as well as proper and reliable solution of complicated tasks.

Why in Great Britain (UK)?

There is a number of reasons both of technical and organizational nature.

The United Kingdom has established strict requirements to certification and operation of data centers (DC). We rent for you the best DС with the most reliable power supply. De-energization or power failures are next to impossible, we have had none for decades. Besides, there is a reliable telecommunications system.

The British laws protect legitimate businesses. The DC is operated by highly qualified staff providing for installation of high quality equipment at favorable prices and on a tight schedule.