Mail Servers Organization

Our company offers mail servers organization which is today one of the most in-demand IT services. Mail server is fast and almost instinctively habitual way of data exchange having high level of reliability and safety.

Thanks to rapid rates of cloud services and technologies development today transmission of high quality audio and video sequence is possible, as well as traditional correspondence and files exchange. Thanks to modern IT technologies we will help you to get maximum possibilities out of your mail server.

Mail server is an IT structure which consists of hardware and software part interacting with each other, as well as with computers of senders and recipients. Main task of mail servers is sending and receipt of electronic messages. With the development of cloud technologies letters are not limited to text messages but also may contain large file attachments. Thus, mail server organization has several tasks which should be solved: physical storage of all user data on mail servers, sending and transfer of letters, support of software and hardware operability, as well as overcoming all standard limitations which appear in the course of use of traditional mail servers.

A number of highly demanded services include high quality audio and video messages transmission, i. e. transmission of large files and also flow audio and video sequence. Thus, our modern mail servers offer broad options to you and your company withdrawing traditional restrictions of the content size of the attachment to the letter.

Our company may both fully organize mail server including all IT infrastructure and offer services for mail server system subscriber’s use organized on the basis of our infrastructure placing all the stored information in the cloud. We will for sure consider all options and offer the most cost efficient and functionally expedient one from all the available options.