Creation of a “Turnkey” Cloud

A private cloud is a comfortable virtualized IT new-generation infrastructure intended for solving internal company’s tasks. This solution brings up safety and integrity of data to a completely new level. The cloud is located within the bounds of a certain organization with the use of external (leased) sources or solution combinations.

An important stage in the creation of a cloud is determining applications and tasks placed in it. Both applications and whole infrastructures can be placed. Today the most popular cloud is that with infrastructure offered as a type of service. This technology is called IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service). In case of such cloud certain queries are used as the main function, such as a number of processes, random access memory, virtual devices and operating systems.

Our company offers such service in any city and country. Private cloud reduces expenses connected with IT services, as its operation is practically fully automatized and maximally debugged. Besides, cloud service efficiently distributes all computer resources and because of that all physical data processing centers are loaded evenly. It also gives rise to the possibility of accurate monitoring of resources use inside of the organization.