IT Infrastructure Update

Computer technologies of modern business take up an important position in our life. Inter alia they do for the increase of work efficiency. However, together with the company’s growth and processes automatization volume of IT infrastructure defects also increases. In order to solve such matters it is necessary to check operation of all the enterprise’s information resources.

The obtained information system analysis data allow to:

  • determine current state of the infrastructure;
  • discover its drawbacks and defects;
  • minimize emergency risks;
  • draw up the plan of the enterprise’s IT system modernization;
  • estimate expenses for its maintenance.

Our company offers such services in the following areas: technical, organizational and information analysis of the system’s security. The audit results allow getting a full pattern of your IT infrastructure functioning which makes it possible to select its optimization method which is efficient.

Our experts can conduct full audit in such spheres as:

  • information security;
  • telephony and video conferences;
  • data storage and backup;
  • secure data transfer;
  • applications integration;
  • IT infrastructure management and monitoring;
  • engineering systems of buildings.

We recommend updating IT infrastructure in the following cases:

  • prior to the beginning of construction or modernization of information systems;
  • upon completion of a project which allows to get right estimate of its operation;
  • in case of serious turnover of the enterprise’s management staff or working IT staff;
  • if the functioning of IT infrastructure is unstable or inefficient.